The LABC Warranty

Your new Fairfield home benefits from a 10 year LABC Warranty, so you have the reassurance that your new home will be built to meet the LABC's exacting standards of construction.

The Warranty is only issued when the LABC Inspector is satisfied that your new home has been built in accordance with those standards.

How it works:

  • Fairfield Homes will administer the LABC Warranty for two years following legal completion of each new home, and any issues that fall under the cover of the Warranty should be reported in writing to Fairfield Homes who will respond and rectify the issues as appropriate.
  • Should a dispute arise regarding Fairfield Homes’ obligations under the LABC Warranty, the LABC offers a resolution service by which the LABC will investigate the dispute and forward a report of their findings to both the new home buyer and the builder. Fairfield Homes will comply with the recommendations made in any such report by the LABC.
  • The cover for your new home provided under the Warranty during years 3-10 is administered by the LABC, and any issues that arise in this period should be forwarded to them in writing.
  • Fairfield Homes will keep any inconvenience to a minimum and will always make mutually agreeable appointments to undertake work. However, it should be noted that Fairfield Homes must be given reasonable access to undertake works and is not liable under the terms of the LABC Warranty for any loss of earnings or expenses incurred as a result of works being carried out to your new home..
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