Customer Care Charter

Because buying a home can be stressful, we're there for you every step of the way. We will make sure everything goes smoothly whilst buying your luxury new home.

We will comply with all of the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders and provide a copy of the code to all potential customers on our website and to all reserving customers with their reservation information.

We will ensure good communication with our customers throughout their dealings with Fairfield Homes including the following:
  • A purchase manual will be given and explained to each customer after reservation, detailing the terms of their purchase and the process of buying a new home from Fairfield Homes.
  • Assistance will be given to customers, answering their questions and explaining the choices and options available throughout the purchase process.
  • A Demonstration and Inspection Meeting will be held between the customer and a Fairfield Homes representative, for approximately two hours, at least one week before legal completion, to demonstrate the functions of the property and to identify any outstanding works.
  • A Handover Meeting will be held on the day of legal completion (or at a time more convenient to the customer where required) between the customer and a Fairfield Homes representative.
  • A handover pack will be compiled and checked to include all user manuals required for the property and will be provided on completion.
  • We will show our customers at least the following pre-contract information before processing their reservation:
    • A colour plan of the site identifying the property they are buying;
    • A summary specification of their property (usually provided in the brochure);
    • A schedule of the external materials to be used in the construction of the property and driveway;
    • Tile schedule;
    • Landscape plan showing boundary treatment;
    • SAP rating.
  • We will provide our customers with information about the LABC Warranty prior to reservation and in the purchase manual. We will provide the LABC Warranty health and safety advice to our customers in their handover pack and the LABC Warranty legal documentation to our customers' solicitors on legal completion.
  • We will provide our customers with a fixed date for legal completion when contracts are exchanged wherever possible. If a reliable date cannot be provided for legal completion at this time because the property is not complete, then we will give an anticipated legal completion date. This guidance may be a three month period or a specific week depending on the stage of construction of the new home. We will also provide a Long Stop Date after which the customer may terminate their contract if we have not delivered their new home.
  • We will endeavour to complete all outstanding works identified at the Demonstration and Inspection Meeting prior to legal completion. We will inform purchasers in writing of any works that cannot be completed within that timescale and will endeavour to complete them within two weeks of legal completion.
  • We will hand over a clean and tidy home.
  • We will inform customers clearly about our Customer Service in the purchase manual and contact details in the handover pack. We will give clear guidance on the level of service to be expected in emergencies and for routine matters.
  • We will provide a health and safety policy to all purchasers and provide guidance, clothing, footwear and hard hats to assist in securing our customers' safety on Fairfield Homes developments at all times.